Our Team

Sport and Dance Academy is dedicated to teaching correct dance technique, theory and terminology for beginning through advanced students of all ages.

The teaching staff at our studio is comprised of vibrant and energetic teachers who are well trained in the field of dance. They understand what it takes to be a good dancer and make it a priority to pass that knowledge on to their students. Our students are our first priority!  It is our goal that they receive a positive and excellent dance experience.

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Yanelis Hernandez

Director and Cultural Dance Instructor

Yanelis is an award-winning choreographer with over twenty-five years of experience.  Rooted in Ballet, Yanelis has taken her knowledge, technique, and form and has applied it to the style of dance she loves most, Cuban cultural dance.  From Mambo to Rumba and everything in between, she has been perfecting her craft since the age of 9.  She has spent her life studying, performing, and teaching in both Cuba and the United States. 


In 2010, she opened Sport and Dance Studio Center, an after school program that has dance at it’s core.  Several years later Sport and Dance Academy was created to provide a deeper, more expansive dance education to her beloved students. 

GARY Magel

Director and Hip Hop Instructor

Gary is an award-winning choreographer and has spent most of his life as an artist and choreographer.   Among many other styles of dance, he teaches a variation of hip-hop that can only be found in certain parts of Georgia, where he grew up.  The strength, endurance, and power of hip-hop are the same qualities that he tries to instill in his students in each and every class.  


Gary is one of the founders of Sport and Dance Academy and is passionate about promoting growth in his students, both physically and mentally.   His groups have won several nation competitions and many accolades throughout South Florida.

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Leila Muniz

Ballet and Tap Instructor

Leila was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and stated dancing at the young age of seven years old.  She graduated in 1986 with a Masters in Ballet (Technique & Choreography) and has also studying and teaches Jazz, Contemporary and Modern Musical Theater for over 35 years.  She has a passion in working with young children at a young age.


Leila has worked as a choreographer for Disney World, many other professional productions and competitions has been entertaining audience in more than 18 countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America.